Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Go ahead, judge me.

So what...
  • if I leave my clothes on the bathroom floor in the morning until I think someone might be coming over.
  • if I think I hear someone opening my front door at least 3 times every night
  • if Bagel Bites are still a consistent part of my diet, I have started adding veggies, one step at a time people
  • if I'm still talking to myself more than socially acceptable
  • if it drives me bananas when other people write client names on my board at work and their handwriting doesn't match mine. UGHHHH.
  • if this week I've hit the snooze button way more than I should have
  • if my birthday was April 2nd and on May 1st I still have dead roses in my office (they don't smell)
  • if I've been driving around with my new registration in my car but still haven't put the little sticker on my license plate, I'm officially no longer legal as of today

So What Wednesday


  1. Lol, if the flowers still look nice (and don't smell) who cares if they're dead! I really wish flowers lived longer though.

  2. Here from SWW! Love your blog! Im obsessed with the housewives too!! I can't help it! I talk to myself all the time, its sad really.. :)

  3. I never remember to put that little sticker on.