Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Progress Report - below average...

Ok so my challenge last week was to workout 4 days and continue squats. 

Progress Report is that I worked out 2.5 ish times. 

My .5 = the night I attempted to do Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. UGHHH I almost died TEN minutes into it. FAIL. I think almost dying gets a .5ish. 
Went to the gym last Tuesday and did 45 minutes of cardio.
Walked Lake Hollingsworth for just over 3 miles on Friday morning at 6 AM - a solid hour of speed walking.

Squats - I did twice. I was so SORE after Friday morning's walk it was unreal. I've come to the conclusion that I need to get fitted for shoes because I have "running" shoes and I'm not a runner and they suck for me. 

Did I meet my goals - NO.
Did I do more than I did the week before - YES.
Am I setting goals for this week - NO.
Does that suck - YES.

Weekend was JAM PACKED and pretty awesome.

Birthday dinner for JM's Mom on Friday night. Only after an ice cold beer the MINUTE I walked in the door on Friday night. MUCH needed and well deserved since I didn't have any DRANKS during the week. 

Saturday went to the Savvy Shopper's Market which is a toned down version of the Fancy Flea from a couple of months ago. Cute stuff but super small. Afterward we went to Brandon where we partook in the Cheesecake Factory - I looked up every cheesecake in MFP and didn't find ANY good news. I shared a piece of Banana Cream 3 ways, so it could have been worse. 

Did some shopping, spent an obnoxious amount of time at Ethan Allen and then went to see The Big Wedding. 

Got this super cute welcome mat - #winning

Sunday I watched JM's soccer game and then we partook in some Cinco de Mayo festivities and went to bed early. 

Oh and did I mention that right as I was supposed to be getting help at work because it's been so intensely crazy and I can't keep up - my full time customer service gal decided to take another position where she can work from home. Blessing in disguise, probably but still - hiring and training and starting from scratch does NOT have me excited AT ALL. Still in the denial stage. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Go ahead, judge me.

So what...
  • if I leave my clothes on the bathroom floor in the morning until I think someone might be coming over.
  • if I think I hear someone opening my front door at least 3 times every night
  • if Bagel Bites are still a consistent part of my diet, I have started adding veggies, one step at a time people
  • if I'm still talking to myself more than socially acceptable
  • if it drives me bananas when other people write client names on my board at work and their handwriting doesn't match mine. UGHHHH.
  • if this week I've hit the snooze button way more than I should have
  • if my birthday was April 2nd and on May 1st I still have dead roses in my office (they don't smell)
  • if I've been driving around with my new registration in my car but still haven't put the little sticker on my license plate, I'm officially no longer legal as of today

So What Wednesday

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


If I ask for a small diet coke, please give me a small diet coke. I appreciate that they are all the same price, regardless of size. Please take a moment to mention that to me and let me make my own choices. When the price is not of my concern and the size is, I will tell you that I would prefer a small. Please change your order to a small instead of handing me whatever hell size you want to. I'm an adult but not so much of an adult that if it happens one more time I'm going to throw a temper tantrum.

When I tell you that I want you to write something creative on my birthday cake for work, "Celebrating Another Year" without my name ANYWHERE on the cake is not what I was looking for. Thanks for the effort. Apparently I do need to be a control freak. 

If you are going to make a right or left turn on the road, please COMMIT to the decision you're making and use the gas pedal to get the F off the road and don't just coast into the turn. I need you to understand that most of us aren't out on a Sunday stroll, we've got PLACES TO GO. 

I finished a book last night and have 3 options for new books to start and I have no way to decide, it's giving me anxiety.

Please don't call me and ask me to solve your problem and then continuously over talk me so that I can't be of any assistance and then start escalating the situation with yourself because you have yet to let me have a stab at the ole problem at hand. Oh, and then apologize for over-talking giving me the green light to ask if it may be appropriate for you to let me finish a sentence and then GO OFF like I just killed your child totally appalled that I just asked if I could help you (in the most unbitchy of ways, trust me).

Don't ask me to help you move out of your storage unit on a lovely Saturday and then stand in front of me, walk in front of me, walk towards me - when I'm trying to carry this huge box of alpaca rugs into your spare room. It took 72% of everything I had not to throw the box down and have a McDonalds giving me a large diet coke instead of a small grade meltdown.

Ok - that clears my head for today. 

Thanks and have a lovely Tuesday. :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Accountability Monday.

But first...

Had a great weekend.

Friday, went to Red Lion for just a couple of beverages and some darts, I got obliterated as usual. Oh, and it was my birthday month at work and so I picked out a yummy strawberry cake. Still have a piece for today. Oh wait, probably not a good decision. 

(even the cute baby in the background wants some)

Saturday, helped a friend move out of her storage unit, easier than I thought it would be and got free dinner out of the deal. Watched Zero Dark Thirty, it was pretty good although I fell asleep for about 15 minutes, I don't think I missed anything crucial.

Sunday, laid by the pool - amazinggg day for people watching. Like, realllly great day for that. 

Anyways, I stayed out for about 2 hours and have a splotchy sunburn but at least got some color. Then decided to go grocery shopping hungry for water and spent $40. Watched Argo and Bachelorette and attempted to cook chicken that smelled like garbage.

What am I doing wrong. I keep things close to their sell by date but why is it never good anymore. SO FRUSTRATING. I'm going to have to go to the grocery store on the DAY I want to cook something to save some money. Oh, that won't work because I can't go to the grocery store without spending $40. Ugh.

Cute picture of the day, I know you want to just squeeze his cheeks and kiss his face, he's TOO cute! Can't handle it.

Anyways - accountability = me determining a goal or two for the week and sharing it here and then sounding like a fatty when I have to tell you next Monday that I didn't do it. 

(1) Continue squat challenge. (I'm currently on Day 7)
(2) Be active at least 4 days this week, that means Jillian video, walk the lake or go to the gym. 

Good luck to me and peace out. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Motivation. That's what I was looking for. I've lost it. 

I was doing good for a few weeks, weighed myself and decided I would NEVER lose weight. You know, cause it all just comes off in two weeks. UGH! So now I'm back to NOT doing anything and so I decided maybe I need to cut something out completely of my diet and try it that way.

The popular ones are:


I feel like I want to go with White Bread. Kinda carbs - right? I can't give up cheese. 

I also BOUGHT 30 day shred and think if I could just get up in the MORNING and get a workout out of the way it would help. I did that for a week and then it felt impossible. I need to be accountable but the problem with all of those - ohhh I'll let myself get a pedicure if I workout for a week plans is that they don't work for me. If I want a pedicure, I get one and if I want a cheeseburger on the way, I'll get one. 

There is no magic, I guess I just have to decide and DO IT and I just don't know why it's so hard. Thank GOD my addiction isn't crack because I'd have no teeth right now, not that diabetes should be preferable to no teeth but... (disclaimer: I don't have diabetes) (disclaimer 2: I didn't have diabetes a year ago when I went to the doctor). 

Ok I'm done. 

Notice that no specific goals were made in the creation of this post. PROBLEM. 

...oh you're expecting me to post those goals now that I've pointed out that I didn't make any. Nah, what will I blog about tomorrow? 

Monday, April 22, 2013



Friday. Event for work, rush rush rush - wear a skirt two sizes too small and sweat the whole time. Go to Brass Tap afterwards for a drink and yawn the whole time like an old lady and then go home, because - oh by the way, you can see your house from Brass Tap - holla.

The event was called Bus Stop: One Night Only - we had some folks dress up...

I won my first silent auction ever and got rewarded for my volunteer efforts handsomely.

Saturday. Lay in bed till between 12 and 1, wake up and start laundry and light cleaning. Eat chicken nuggets and broccoli for lunch. Get kidnapped by JM who happened to be in the neighborhood - spend the day with him running errands and such and then get dropped off in time to read a few chapters before snoozing.

Sunday. Wake up between 8 and 9 and clean and sort through all my "random" bins from moving - throw away a LOT of crap - get a ton of laundry done AND go grocery shopping. Made spaghetti for dinner and drank a bottle of wine. Watched my DVR'd episode of SNL with Vince Vaughn (my husband wannabe) and was disappointed unfortunately. Lame.

One of my cleanup items was all my old makeup - got rid of so much crap!

Rewarded myself for being so productive on a Sunday by relaxing. :) With wine. 

This week is already testing me - happy Monday.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh hayyyy.

OMG - I thought I'd never have time to blog again. I really don't know - everyone else at work is participating in our Quarterly Celebration and I'm at my desk catching up and...checking in here for just a moment. 


(1) Need to give you the run down on my 30th birthday trip to Naples - it was amazing.

Teaser: Not as many of these as I thought, 30 = HA! You thought you could hang, but you can't.

(2) Hair

Teaser: It's short and terribly uneven.

(3) Work is out of control

(4) I have tons of house projects that need to be done this weekend but I'd rather go to the pool

(5) Sperry's

I would buy EVERY pair if I won the lottery within 5 minutes of winning it.

But first, these. I have an anchor obsession.

Ok - have a great weekend! Peace out!