Monday, April 22, 2013



Friday. Event for work, rush rush rush - wear a skirt two sizes too small and sweat the whole time. Go to Brass Tap afterwards for a drink and yawn the whole time like an old lady and then go home, because - oh by the way, you can see your house from Brass Tap - holla.

The event was called Bus Stop: One Night Only - we had some folks dress up...

I won my first silent auction ever and got rewarded for my volunteer efforts handsomely.

Saturday. Lay in bed till between 12 and 1, wake up and start laundry and light cleaning. Eat chicken nuggets and broccoli for lunch. Get kidnapped by JM who happened to be in the neighborhood - spend the day with him running errands and such and then get dropped off in time to read a few chapters before snoozing.

Sunday. Wake up between 8 and 9 and clean and sort through all my "random" bins from moving - throw away a LOT of crap - get a ton of laundry done AND go grocery shopping. Made spaghetti for dinner and drank a bottle of wine. Watched my DVR'd episode of SNL with Vince Vaughn (my husband wannabe) and was disappointed unfortunately. Lame.

One of my cleanup items was all my old makeup - got rid of so much crap!

Rewarded myself for being so productive on a Sunday by relaxing. :) With wine. 

This week is already testing me - happy Monday.


  1. Silent auctions are so much fun! Congrats on your volunteer award!