Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Motivation. That's what I was looking for. I've lost it. 

I was doing good for a few weeks, weighed myself and decided I would NEVER lose weight. You know, cause it all just comes off in two weeks. UGH! So now I'm back to NOT doing anything and so I decided maybe I need to cut something out completely of my diet and try it that way.

The popular ones are:


I feel like I want to go with White Bread. Kinda carbs - right? I can't give up cheese. 

I also BOUGHT 30 day shred and think if I could just get up in the MORNING and get a workout out of the way it would help. I did that for a week and then it felt impossible. I need to be accountable but the problem with all of those - ohhh I'll let myself get a pedicure if I workout for a week plans is that they don't work for me. If I want a pedicure, I get one and if I want a cheeseburger on the way, I'll get one. 

There is no magic, I guess I just have to decide and DO IT and I just don't know why it's so hard. Thank GOD my addiction isn't crack because I'd have no teeth right now, not that diabetes should be preferable to no teeth but... (disclaimer: I don't have diabetes) (disclaimer 2: I didn't have diabetes a year ago when I went to the doctor). 

Ok I'm done. 

Notice that no specific goals were made in the creation of this post. PROBLEM. 

...oh you're expecting me to post those goals now that I've pointed out that I didn't make any. Nah, what will I blog about tomorrow? 


  1. It's said that if you go 5-10 days without something (for example; sugar) you wont crave it anymore. We tried it. It was hard. But it worked! Same goes with exercising. But really, who has time to exercise 10 days in a row? Hopefully you'll find your motivation soon. :)

  2. Cutting things out does not work for me, only moderation does. Good luck girl!

  3. haa! yeah i have to do moderation. and i agree, I could never cut out cheese. I have cut back MAJORLY on cheese the last few weeks tho and it actually helped me some haha maybe. that and the bottles of wine i was downing probably helped too.. haha