Monday, April 29, 2013

Accountability Monday.

But first...

Had a great weekend.

Friday, went to Red Lion for just a couple of beverages and some darts, I got obliterated as usual. Oh, and it was my birthday month at work and so I picked out a yummy strawberry cake. Still have a piece for today. Oh wait, probably not a good decision. 

(even the cute baby in the background wants some)

Saturday, helped a friend move out of her storage unit, easier than I thought it would be and got free dinner out of the deal. Watched Zero Dark Thirty, it was pretty good although I fell asleep for about 15 minutes, I don't think I missed anything crucial.

Sunday, laid by the pool - amazinggg day for people watching. Like, realllly great day for that. 

Anyways, I stayed out for about 2 hours and have a splotchy sunburn but at least got some color. Then decided to go grocery shopping hungry for water and spent $40. Watched Argo and Bachelorette and attempted to cook chicken that smelled like garbage.

What am I doing wrong. I keep things close to their sell by date but why is it never good anymore. SO FRUSTRATING. I'm going to have to go to the grocery store on the DAY I want to cook something to save some money. Oh, that won't work because I can't go to the grocery store without spending $40. Ugh.

Cute picture of the day, I know you want to just squeeze his cheeks and kiss his face, he's TOO cute! Can't handle it.

Anyways - accountability = me determining a goal or two for the week and sharing it here and then sounding like a fatty when I have to tell you next Monday that I didn't do it. 

(1) Continue squat challenge. (I'm currently on Day 7)
(2) Be active at least 4 days this week, that means Jillian video, walk the lake or go to the gym. 

Good luck to me and peace out. 


  1. When you buy meat (chicken, beef, etc.) do you put it in the freezer or do you leave it in the fridge? If I'm not cooking it that night, I always put my meat in the freezer and take it out (let it defrost in the sink) the day I want to use it.

    The cake looks delicious and I'm definitely jealous that you got to lounge out by the pool!

    Love the cute picture of the day!