Thursday, April 11, 2013


Soo busy. So we're going to make this snappy.

Reading this in between my soul searching books and LOVING it - laughing. out. loud. 

Eating these and feeling like even though there are 140 calories in 6, that they are good for me. DELISH.

And these... of course. (Yes, I had to take one bite before I took a picture. Judge.)

Still enjoying my flowers from my birthday EVEN if the "early crew" (anyone that gets to work on time) says it smells like rotten flowers when they get in in the morning. All I'm saying is it's cleared up quite nice once I get to work. :) 

Had the worst experience getting a pedicure in my life. I was video'ing this B. She BARELY looked at me and when she did it was to whisper an insult in a language I couldn't understand. Loving this color though - Rose Bowl by Essie. She took a phone call MID EYEBROW TWEEZE. COME ON! 

Annoyed that they advertise the elimination of back fat on a woman who wouldn't know what back fat was if it punched her in the face. 

Getting my haircut tonight and doing more laundry and trying to prep for my birthday getaway with the girls. 

Peace out!! 


  1. Don't you hate when you get your nails done and the ladies who work at the salon talk to each other in their language and you just KNOW they're talking about you? Drives me nuts!

    The flowers still look gorg!

    Have a great birthday getaway with the girls!

  2. I always am looking for a book, I should look at that one!

  3. I loved Bossypants. Hilarious.

    Excited for your bday getaway!